Skygrazer Designs

The Studio

AKA Close the door when there's company coming!

This is my main work area - clay table with pasta machine, ott lite, and a couple other lamps with full spectrum bulbs. My husband built me some shelves and pegboard and I have a couple other bookcases and small drawer units for storage. The corkboard is full of images for inspiration and reference.

This is the table where I cut mirror and glass. I also use it for buffing and drilling clay.

This is my photo taking setup. I use three metal clip on lamps with Reveal full spectrum bulbs. Since I only shoot digital, that works fine for me. The frosted plastic tote helps diffuse light and reduce glare. I'll add a layer of tissue paper if I want to cut the light down even more. I place the piece on the gradient background and I'm all set.

I use a convection oven to cure my clay. The filing cabinets store more STUFF - shells and driftwood, ribbons and fabric scraps, glass vessels and tins to cover, dried flowers which I still don't know what I want to do with, etc, etc. I have a bunch of tubes - cardboard, acrylic, pvc stacked in boxes next to it for potential kaleidoscope bodies.

This is Dave's workarea - right across the room from mine, but MUCH neater. :)

Every website needs pet pictures so here are the studio mascots, and rulers of our domicile. Chaos is the fluffy, deceptively innocent looking one. Smidgen has the cute little white mark on her nose.