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Full sized green and gold scaled polymer clay kaleidoscope.   

PineCone Scope

Dimensions: Length=7.5"  Diameter=2"

This is the first kaleidoscope I ever made and it was made completely from scratch. The mirror is ordinary craft mirror and the tube is a cardboard paper towel tube. I covered it with a layer of clay and individually applied scales made from a Skinner blend of green pearl to gold. I was trying for a dragon scale effect but when I showed it to people, the first thing they said was, "Oh, it looks like a pinecone." Oh well.. It is now the PineCone Scope.

The lenses are plexiglass and the objects in the tumble object chamber are pieces of green, blue, and white glass. The image has a very pretty mosaic pattern to it, although I think it may be a little busy. Closeup of the individual scales on the kscope. I assembled the kaleidoscope before baking it, since everything could withstand normal baking temperatures. After it was baked I gave it a couple coats of Future to improve the shine.

The smaller view is a closeup of the scales. They're actually much brighter in person, since alot of the metallic effect was lost in the scan.
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