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Full sized balinese filigree polymer clay kaleidoscope in shades of blue and white.   

Filigree Blues Scope

Dimensions: Length=8"  Diameter=2.5"

This was my second kaleidoscope. This time I used pvc pipe for the tube since the cardboard had been a little too flexible. I used two different types of pvc endcaps to hold the plexiglass lenses and the objects for the object chamber. One endcap was almost completely open but had a small lip which I could put the lens into. It became the object chamber. The other endcap had no opening but I drilled a small one for the eyehole.

This kaleidoscope was also assembled before it was baked. I used pieces of glass and glass beads as well as flower petals and shells in the chamber. I used Sobo glue to tack the lenses into place, once the mirrors and objects were in the pipe.

WARNING! Do not ever use super glue on plexiglass - it creates a white frost which will ruin the lens.

Once the kscope was assembled, I covered it with a thin layer of clay and then began the long process of applying thin clay snakes for the balinese filigree. I put small pieces of blue and white clay into my clay gun to extrude the snakes. This created a blending effect between colors and gave me the different shades of blue.
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