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Miniature faux ivory polymer clay kaleidoscope.   

Mini Faux Ivory Scope

Dimensions: Length=2.5"  Diameter=1"

This was my first miniature kaleidoscope. It has first surface mirrors (which makes the image much clearer) and brass endcaps. I was trying for an ancient ivory look so first I prepared my ivory mixture. This was layers of transparent and very pale off white clay. I cut slices of it and made a sheet which I wrapped around the barrel of the kaleidoscope. I then pressed fern leaves into it and made marks and scratches to mimic age. I baked it with the endcaps to hold the correct shape but without the mirrors and objects since some of them were plastic gems.

Once it was baked I removed the endcaps and antiqued it with raw umber acylic paint. I hand buffed it with a cloth to give it a sheen and assembled the mirrors and the objects.

The wonderful thing about the mini kaleidoscopes is that they can be carried in a pocket or a purse or brought to work without taking up much space on a desk. This one had a mix of plastic gems (which added bright color) and tiny polished semi-precious stones (which added depth and a natural quality) in the object chamber.
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