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Miniature blue green filigree polymer clay kaleidoscope.   

Mini Blue Green Filigree Scope

Dimensions: Length=2.5"  Diameter=1"

This miniature kaleidoscope took me a long time to make because of the painstaking care needed to do the filigree so small. The kaleidoscope is only a little over two inches long so that should you give you an idea of how thin the strands were. I first covered the barrel with a thin layer of clay and then made the coils and arranged the strands by hand using the Balinese Filigree technique. The clay was a mixture of blue pearl and green Premo.

This kaleidoscope also has first surface mirrors for a better image and brass endcaps. It was cured with the endcaps to get the length and shape correctly but without anything in the barrel. Once it was baked I removed the endcaps and gave it a couple coats of Future to improve the shine (which you can't see as much in the image since all the ones which show the shine have too much glare).

Once the finish was dry, I assembled the mirrors, lenses and object chamber.
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