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Miniature faux marble polymer clay kaleidoscope.   

Mini Faux Marble Scope

Dimensions: Length=2.5"  Diameter=1"

This kaleidoscope was actually a happy accident. (Happy and unhappy accidents are common as you're working with polymer clay and are all part of the learning process.) The marble was actually scrap clay - a failed image transfer, which was translucent clay and black toner, and white clay. I was going to use it as a lower layer for another kaleidoscope but liked the pattern so much that I made it into a top layer instead.

Once the kaleidoscope was baked, I wet sanded from 400 grit to 1500 which made it really smooth. Then I buffed it with a muslin wheel on a bench grinder which gave it an almost glass-like shine. A couple coats of Future gave it even more gloss and completed the polished marble look.
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