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Miniature mettalic leaves polymer clay kaleidoscope.   

Mini Metallic Leaves Scope

Dimensions: Length=2.5"  Diameter=1"

This kaleidoscope uses the Pearlex leaf masking technique explained by Mike Buessler. I started with a layer of black Premo and a number of small leaves. I pressed the leaves into the clay and then textured over the rest of the clay with a rough piece of sandpaper. Then I used different colors of Pearlex powders to highlight areas of the texture. I then removed the leaves and lightly highlighted the areas of clay which had been covered.

Once the kaleidoscope was baked, I gave it a couple coate of Future to protect the powders and then set the Future in the oven.

WARNING!! Do not put Future in the oven at more than 200 degrees. I had a problem on a different piece where it developed little bubbles in the Future when I had the temperature too high. I'm assuming it was because the Future wasn't quite dry and the water boiled.

After the Future was dried and set, I assembled the kaleidoscope. This scope (and all of the mini scopes) has first surface mirrors which gives a much nicer image.
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