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Miscellaneous Polymer Clay

This gallery is for everything that doesn't fit into an existing category. This page is mainly transfers.

Images from photocopies, laser printouts, colored pencils, and even inkjet printed t-shirt transfers can all be transferred onto clay or TLS. (TLS stands for Transparent Liquid Sculpey and is basically a thick liquid form of the clay.) Or instead of transferring the image off the paper, the paper can be covered with TLS and incorporated into the clay piece using the decoupage technique. Click on the images for a closer look and more information.

Dragon Pin
  Girl and Doll Transfer
  Victorian Girl in Hat
Unicorn Transfer
  Girl and Doll Transfer
  Victorian Girl Transfer
Seahorse Necklace
  Victorian Girl in Purple
  Rose Framed Polymer Clay Transfer
Golden Dragon Transfer
  Victorian Girl in Purple
  Rose Framed Transfer
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