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mica shift butterfly   

Golden Butterfly

Dimensions: Height = 1.5"  Width = 1.75"

This piece takes advantage of the mica shift properties of gold Premo to create a holograph effect. The butterfly is perfectly flat and smooth.

This started out as a number of thin stacked sheets of gold Premo. The sheets had been run through the pasta machine repeatedfly before stacking to get the mica aligned properly. I took a rubber stamp of a butterfly and pressed it into the top of the clay. Then I used a sharp blade and carefully shaved off as much of the raised part of the stamped image as I could.

Once the piece was baked, I wet sanded it with 320 grit to sand down the top surface of the clay and remove any remaining bumps or indentations. Then I used progressively higher grits up to 800 and used a buffer to give it a high shine. Beacuse the stamp changed the way the mica particles were aligned, you can still see the shape of the butterfly in the flat clay as the light catches it.

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