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Textured polymer clay pens.   

Green Leaf Pens

When I got my pasta machine, one of the first things I tried was a Skinner blend from white to green. I then rolled part of it up to create the leaf cane seen on the middle pen. Then I laid a bunch of slices on a black sheet and tried covering the first pen. Unfortunately, I didn't join the seam properly and the sheet was too loose on the pen. So I rolled it on my work surface to try to make it fit better. It loosened more! So now I had a loose tube of clay around the pen instead of a cover and it started to distort. So I twisted it to take up the slack and it became a green zebra pen instead of a leaf pen. :) For the middle pen I just laid overlapping slices of leaf cane on it. I rather liked the raised leaves so I didn't try to smooth it. The third pen is the second version of my leaf cane.

For directions on how to make a Skinner blend, see my Resources links page.
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