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polymer clay carved terracotta jar   

Terracotta jar

Dimensions height=2"  

I really don't remember how I made the terracotta color. It was some scrap clay that I was working with.. I made the jar using the bubblepot/wish bottle technique which basically involves making a clay bubble of air and then shaping it before reopening the bubble. Once the jar was baked I roughly carved the markings with a linoleum cutter.

(Linoleum cutters are generally used for carving into linoleum blocks to make stamps but the small U and V cutters are perfect for carving clay.)

I made a thin wash of black acrylic paint and made sure I got it into all the carvings. Once it was dry I lightly sanded the jar to take the excess paint off. Then I lightly buffed the surface on a pair of jeans to give it a slight sheen.

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