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polymer clay horse transfer votive
wolves image transfer votive

Wild Horses Votive

Dimensions: Height=3"  

This votive candle holder has two image tranfers on it. The images were photocopies, colored in with colored pencils. (It's always a good idea to make colors darker than you actually want them since not all of the color transfers.) I tinted some translucent clay with a little bit of white and blue and made a thin Skinner blend between the two colors. I rolled out a thin sheet, laid the images on it, and pressed them down well. After an hour or so, I took the paper off.

I then carefully cut out the image transfers and laid them on the votive. I used pieces from the same sheet to patch around the transfers. Then I carefully painted a thin layer of TLS (Translucent Liquid Sculpey) over the votive. When the votive is baked, the TLS protects the transfers from being rubbed off. I could have used Future after it was baked, instead, but I didn't want a gloss on this piece.

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