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filigree oval rock box   

Filigree Egg


This little container is shown next to the stand that it rests on. The dime gives you an idea of how small it is.

Although it's egg shaped, it wasn't formed around an egg. I used the same technique as a rock purse - using a rock as an armature. I used a polished stone so I didn't have to worry about the clay sticking to it and it gave me a regular shape to work with. I completely covered the rock with a layer of black clay, baked it and then while the clay was still warm, cut it around the middle so I could slip the clay shell off the rock. Then I used tiny little strings extruded from my clay gun to make the filigree.

Since the bottom of the rock box was rounded, I made a stand for it to sit in. I textured the stand with rouch sandpaper to give it a matte look and coated the filigree egg with Future for a gloss contrast.

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